These demos show the flexibility of the Visio Logger system

You can also use them as getting started guides for Visio Logger

A satisfied customer's Training Video

These are a customer's training videos that show the utility of the VisioLogger system from two perspectives.

A customer put these two videos together to help train their staff on how VisioLogger works as a customer (student) would experience it, as well as how office staff will use the data gathered by the system to enhance their customer satisfaction efforts.

It is important to remember that this customer configured the VisioLogger system entirely by themselves, and that by doing so they achieved a rich and detailed, and importantly, a system geared precisely toward their needs, and that they did so with ease.

Please click here to see the system from the customer perspective.

And here to see how staff can use the data collected in powerful ways.

Visio Logger Integration Demo

Here we show an example of the Visio Logger integration architecture.

Note: This demo is using an electronic signature pad as the input device. These work great (and CAN be an inexpensive Android tablet) and are well suited in a context with limited space and/or without the need for a full fledged monitor oriented kiosk.

Note2: Apologies for the low volume on this demo.

In this case, we've setup an Excel Spreadsheet to accept the visitor data when they sign in.

Integration in Visio Logger is very powerful. With it, there are multiple opportunities during visitor sign in where any other software can be executed to use the data so far entered. Even to set the values of the data. For example, by consulting another system for more information.

The source code for several of the Integration tools shipped with the system is also installed when Visio Logger is installed.

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Simple Sign In/Out System

This demo shows how Visio Logger can be setup and configured in minutes for the simplest form of automated check in and out

Click here for the demo


Complex Emergency Room Check In with Alerts

This demo shows the rich variety of fields that can be defined, as well as the value based alerting system.

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Kiosk Mode Demo

This demo shows how easy it is to set up a rich graphical interface for Visio Logger running in Kiosk Mode.

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Document Management Demo

With Visio Logger's unique document field type, you can load any number of documents for each visitor at sign in time.

You can even populate your template document with data that the visitor enters!

At any point in the future, staff can retrieve this document out of Visio Logger, edit it with the associated application, and have the updated document put back in the database, either in the originating cell, or migrated to another cell, or both.

This way, documentation relevant to your visitors is tracked and maintained easily, out of the box with Visio Logger

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Using the Visio Logger Badge Printer

You can easily format your captured fields into a badge to print for each visitor.

You can also choose which visitors to print one for based on the value(s) of the data they provided.

Even though we call it a "Badge", this tool can arrange your data for printing on any size paper or printer.

Please click to see the demo

Multi-Process Kiosk Demo

The Visio Logger database can contain multiple processes - which are simply containers that the fields are defined in.

Therefore, multiple different "sets" of data can defined to be collected, and choosing between them is a simple menu selection.

This demo shows how Kiosk Mode can take advantage of multiple processes by allowing the "visitor" to "choose" which set of data they will be using (automatically, and without them knowing it, of course)

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Using the Visio Logger Magnetic Stripe Reader

These demos show how to read input from a standard 3-track MSR device.

We also create all of our fields for the database in two of these, to show how simple it is to do so.

Part 1: A complete employee check-in/check-out system

Part 2: Using Bank or Credit cards

Part 3: Using all the data on a driver's license

Take a look at the new way Kiosk construction works

The setup of a Kiosk system has never been easier.

Note: Turn down your volume for this one - soon I will have this replaced with a quieter version ! :)

Now, VisioLogger has a rich graphical interface that allows you to create, well, a Rich Graphical Interface for your data collection needs in Kiosk mode.

VisioLogger has evolved into a powerful "App for creating Apps". With the advent of TabletPCs - the number of places where VisioLogger fits right out of the box has exploded.

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