Please feel free to download the documentation installed with Visio Logger to learn more about the capabilities of the system.

Visio Logger User's Manual

This document describes the Visio Logger system in detail.

Within these pages, you will see the power of the meta data approach to defining your data capture needs.

We also discuss the multiple ways that you can utilize the system's alerting capabilities to broadcast special conditions important to your visitors.

Please download the document Using Visio Logger

Using the Visio Logger External Logging tool

Yes - Visio Logger IS all about logging data and it does that very very well, so why the need for an "External Logging" Tool ?

Often times you might need a snapshot of your data over a period of time, or perhaps you want an "always at your fingertips" simple flat file "export" of Visio Logger data for any of a variety of reasons. Maybe you'd like to see what data is flowing through just one or a subset of your Visio Logger Computers.

That is what the Data Logging tool is for. Simple, generic, but highly configurable, you can "mirror" your data or any part of it to anyplace you need to.

Please download the documentUsing The InnoVisioNate Data Logger

Setting up the Visio Logger Kiosk

This document outlines the numerous features used to custom Visio Logger in Kiosk Mode.

The Visio Logger Kiosk is richly configurable. This document will show all of the many places you can control the look and feel of your Kiosk.

Please download the document
Configuring Visio Logger as a Full Featured Kiosk

Using the Visio Logger Page Submitted Processor

The Page Submitted Processor is the tool responsibile for configuring your visitor sign-in "Flow".

Not every visitor should have to provide input for every field that you have defined.

Often, based on the type of a visitor, or other information, you might present that individual with a different set of questions than you would another.

Please download the document
Using The InnoVisioNate Page Submitted Processor

Using the Visio Logger Sign Out Processor

This tool is used to configure your Sign In system into a fully automatic Sign In and Out system.

With a few configuration steps, your system will be 100% automatic, that is, both in and out visitor processing, with no staff required.

Please download the document
Using The InnoVisioNate Sign Out Processor

Using the Visio Logger Badge Printer

The Visio Logger system includes a Badge Printer layout tool that allows you to arrange your fields in any way desired on any type of Badge media.

You can even include additional supporting text on your badge, as well as signatures and any images you capture.

Please download the document
Using the InnoVisioNate Badge Printing Tool

Using the Visio Logger Video and Scanning Tools

The Visio Logger system allows you to snap a photo of your signer, at sign in time, or at any time they are in your building.

In addition to this, you can scan any document, such as an insurance card, drivers license or both, for every visitor.

Please download the document
Using the InnoVisioNate Video and Scanning Tools

Using the Visio Logger Document Management Features

The Document field is very useful in setting up Document Management capabilities.

This document shows how to use this field, and explains how to setup the tool that inserts data from your visitors into your Word document.

Please download the document
Using the Visio Logger Document Management Features