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Visio Logger is a Generalized Data Collection System

One of the important features of Visio Logger is its flexibility.

The system assumes nothing about what information you may want to gather. Because of this, you can put it into service in any environment, out of the box, without any constraint such as those imposed by the software design groups of our competitors.

More than Facilities Sign In/Out System

Visio Logger was initially developed to serve as a powerful lobby, or facility, visitor logging tool.

However, the configurable nature of the system, it's highly extensible architecture, and it's activity based time management capabilities, provide the opportunity to explore new concepts in visitor or data management – well beyond simple logging of visitors within a facility.

Unique and Powerful System Integration

The architecture of the Visio Logger software gives it the capability for a high level of end-user customization.

Our design goals were two fold - 1, to assume nothing about the actual data our customers might want to capture, yet make it easy for them to specify what that is, and 2, to ensure that the system could seamlessly integrate with and provide data to any system in place at any customer facility.