More than Facilities Sign In/Out System

Visio Logger was initially developed to serve as a powerful lobby, or facility, visitor logging tool.

However, the configurable nature of the system, it's highly extensible architecture, and it's activity based time management capabilities, provide the opportunity to explore new concepts in visitor or data management – well beyond simple logging of visitors within a facility.

Visio Logger is also a Time and Activity Management system. With Action Fields - you can now track where and when your visitors were within the facility. You can also use these to create alerts that are based on duration of the visit before something occurs. Alerts are visible because the data row for the visitor changes to a specified color. Since any staff in the facility can see the visitor log live, they would know of these alert conditions as soon as they exist. You can also create alerts driven from a given value for any of the menu fields. This way, you can immediately see, for example, who is in the building for what purpose, just by looking at the color of the data row for that visitor.

Visio Logger can be a simple yet powerful Document Management system - right out of the box.

With document fields - you can auto-populate every visitor's data with any set of documentation you need to manage.

In fact, you might not use Visio Logger as a "visitor" management system per se. You could set it up simply to manage an item on a production line. Imagine creating a "comments" document that flows down the manufacturing production line from station to station, following a manufactured item. At each station, staff simply clicks on the row, makes their comments in the document, and the document automatically populates the cell the next station would retrieve it from, and so on.

You can even populate the initial copy of the document with data from the visitor's sign in activity.